Get more from your TV

With some of the most advanced features around your TV will never be the same.

  • DVR
    Watch whatever you want, whenever you want with one of our three DVR options
    • Standard DVR - Pause, rewind and record your movies and shows to watch them on your time
    • Whole House DVR - Watch any recording any time in any room with a DVR
    • Enhanced DVR - Record upto six shows at once, and enjoy six times the storage as Standard DVR
  • WIFI
    Watch whatever you
  • TWC TV App
    Control your TV and DVR with your mobile device. Plus watch your favorite program live. And it's all free with your service. TWC TV app rated #1 Play TV Distributor App by Fierce Cable
The internet just got better

No more waiting in line to go online. There's Speed for the whole family and their devices. Better streaming, surfing, gaming and shopping start here.

  • Speed
    Enjoy reliable, ultra-fast speeds up to 300 Mbps.
  • WIFI
    Get the latest in WiFi connectivity at home and away with free, access to more than 400,000 TWC WiFi Hotspots Nationwide.
  • Security & Privacy
    Enjoy secure connections, free anti-virus software, helpful guides and videos, and parental controls.
  • TWC Central
    Check email, discover the latest headlines and videos in news, sports and entertainment, plus information, offers and tools to keep you connected.
  • Self-Installation
    Get it all and easily install it yoursell with Easy Connect Kit. Professionals are also available for home visit.
Home phone dialed in to and on-the-go world

Who knew your home phone Could give you this much control? With all these convenient features, you'll see the better phone service starts with
Time Warner Cable ® TV

  • High Quality
    With Voice Over IP, our all-digital network provides the highest call quality.
  • Voicemail with VoiceZone
    Check your messages, receive incoming call notifications, return calls, create a contact list and more from your mobile device or computer.
  • Caller ID
    See who's calling before you answer and without taking your eyes off what you're watching with a pop-up TV display.
  • Call Waiting and Forwarding
    Put one call on hold while you answer another and send incoming calls to your cell or another number.
  • 3-Way Calling
    Expand the conversation. Invite a third person to join your call.
More Movies, More Sports More To Enjoy

With your choice of top channels and unique TWC programming passes, better TV starts with more of the best shows and movies.

Add these premium channels to your Preferred TV service.

  • Hbo logo 7cd5c7a6870825b22979a95ef70299dcb5080aa43a43a80077a01fa6156b69dd
  • Cinemax logo f154f37660ff4dad1e8dfddcc666e2b2206d12d41eb519950e1c1051fdf10503
  • Starz logo ab99fd0e17f5410bc2cb3961b3c85c6b0e98ad49855c18ffc0b3f89bbaaca262
  • Tmc logo b0bd9671b5c8de11cefad694de263b4402310edb695542a50b1a7030b4725368
  • Showtime logo 1788b1c4ef2fb5f77bc0fba93f8c6d80358adc2e0632f50d6566da5b5aa7140e
  • Epix logo f5792b83664f44db710dedca56620074ace41f2d076bf4c3401b377d057494da

No matter the sport, no matter the season, you can view all your favorite events with the exclusive coverage that puts you at the game.

Enjoy sports with these channels added to your Preferred TV service.

  • Mbl logo b25dea4796cce8d8500fe1521a645cfd01e6e90469ccc01f28c2ab1c6bd6e1bc
  • Nba logo cfbaef9da4b75613bc14767c052988907fa0dd0a0365adec77c8b620b2874018
  • Nhl logo 3a54b51423399f7bc56a112ba712cdaa5a29c407afd0b4c2286d91bd0834378e
  • Direct kick logo 796cf2078735d67e500735c4e747aac034a24fe76f3fa7f0d8a6ad415318df74
Sorry! No Cable Packages available
Extreme Internet
$54.99 / month

• 30 Mbps - Extreme Internet Package & Free Home WiFi

• Video Streeming, Online Gaming & Downloads

• TWC WiFi® Hotspots & 30 Email accounts

Ultimate Internet
$64.99 / month

• 50 Mbps - Ultimate Internet Package & Free Home WiFi

• HD Video Streaming, Online Gaming, Downloads, File Sharing

• TWC WiFi® Hotspots & 30 Email Accounts

Sorry! No Phone Packages available
Preferred TV + WHDVR + Ultimate Internet + Phone + FREE INSTALLATION
$129.99 / month

• 200+ channels with Whole House DVR Service & DVR Box + HBO, EPIX, Cinemax & STARZ

• 50 Mbps - Ultimate Internet & Free WiFi. HD Video Streaming, Online Gaming, Downloads, File Sharing

• Unlimited Nationwide Calling

• Start Over®, Look Back®, TWC TV®, 20,000 On Demand titles, TWC WiFi® Hotspots, Phone 2 Go app